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    Adobe Stock scam?


      Hello. Like many others I feel duped by the "free trial."  When I tried to cancel I was told I'd be charged $140. I've been charged $60 for the first two months (after "two months free") and now am being asked to pay $140 to "cancel early." I tried chatting about this two weeks ago with an online customer service rep but I was told my subscription had been cancelled due to an inactive paypal account--however the cancellation option (link) wasn't active when I had tried to cancel --and it just appeared this past weekend and actually let me cancel. The chat confused matters more because the customer service rep said  my paypal account had expired, but I had obviouslyt been charged for two months. I have two adobe user accts one personal and one for my work. I believe I signed up w/ my personal account. But it looks like they were charging my work account. All very confusing and ultimately disappointing--like it was a scam, shockingly. What other stock site charges a $140 cancellation fee? I downloaded 3 images! I had much higher expectations of a company of Adobe's prestige. I'm sure the cancellation clause was listed in very fine print--but it's dishonest to not have this front and center for busy designers looking for images.


      I'm not sure what to do from here except share my experience and grieve the $200 I paid for 3 images. NEVER AGAIN.



      Abby Dean

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          Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee

          Hi Abby,


          Can you please help me with a case reference number for your interaction with support so that I can help you better?




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            I have a free trial of adobe stock and would like to cancel but when I go to my plans and products page it says "you'll be able to manage this plan shortly". I've read a lot of issues saying that when you cancel it charges you a cancellation fee and I would like to cancel now before I am charged but it won't allow me.

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              EvilBugQueen1 Adobe Employee

              Hi TC,


              It appears you were able to cancel your plan.




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                Luke Stouffer

                I am dealing with the same issue.... I signed up for a trial of Adobe stock. No notifications that it would continue, and charged me $30/ month over multiple months. I then catch wind of this, try to manage the subscription (no luck). And on the day I cancel it I get charged another $60. I mean come on Adobe.


                ADOBE STOCK

                Monthly plan

                • US$29.99/month
                • Cancel anytime
                • No annual commitment
                • Additional standard assets at US$9.99
                • Rollover up to 36 standard assets with renewal


                I paid into Adobe stock for at least the past 5 months $150... for 3 Photos. Great!!! Now being charged an additional $60.


                I contacted adobe and was in the process of getting their records of charges to my account, when I was referred to the general Adobe Q&A Forums section to SOLVE MY PROBLEM.  This is not OK!!

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                  EvilBugQueen1 Adobe Employee

                  Please review the terms and conditions you agreed to when signing up for this offer.


                  This offer is for new Adobe Stock customers only and cannot be combined with other offers.  This plan entitles you to Standard licenses only. One offer per Adobe Stock customer. Service begins from the moment that you activate this trial period by submitting your payment details.  You will not be charged for the first month’s billing cycle.  You’ll be charged the rate stated above, plus applicable taxes (such as value added tax when the stated rate doesn’t include VAT), every month starting with the second month’s billing cycle for the duration of your first annual contract. If the applicable VAT rate (or other included tax or duty) changes during your one-year term, the tax-inclusive price will adjust accordingly.  @Cancellations can be made any time by visiting your Manage Account page or by contacting Customer Support in your region.  If you cancel during the first month billing cycle, your credit card will not be charged and your service will continue until the end of that first month’s billing cycle.  If you cancel within 14 days after the beginning of the second month’s billing cycle, you’ll be fully refunded.  If you cancel the service after the 14th day after the beginning of the second month’s billing cycle, you’ll be charged 50% of your remaining contract obligation and your service will continue until the end of that month’s billing period.  After the first year, your contract will renew automatically on your annual renewal date until you cancel and you will be charged the rate stated at the time of purchase every month for the duration of each annual renewal term subject to the cancellation policies above. We’ll always notify you of your renewal, and any change in renewal rates, beforehand. Unused downloads from a monthly allowance of your annual plan accumulate and carry over for up to 12 consecutive billing cycles only if you have renewed the Adobe Stock subscription without letting it lapse and without repacking it with a lesser value subscription.  Unused downloads (A) are subject to a cap of a maximum of twelve times your monthly allowance; and (B) automatically expire on a rolling basis 12 monthly billing periods after the date when they were first allocated.  When your subscription ends, you will forfeit all rights to any unused downloads.

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                    fakename 7543 Level 1

                    This is how Adobe does business.


                    Wise up, Adobe. Your approach to customer service and customer relations is terrible.


                    Offering plans where customers prepay for product, and then must forfeit any accumulated unused product when their contract expires unless they renew is a screw job. Plain and simple.


                    When people feel like they are being mistreated they will find other companies to do business with. And there are no shortage of sources for stock images.


                    And to EvilBugQueen: These posters above feel mistreated and your attitude says simply "tough ****." I get that these are the policies and you can't change them, but damn, you need to improve on your people skills.