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    Photoshop CS6 will not load; asks me to sign in to Creative Cloud


      I bought Adobe CS6 when I was in Design School in 2012. Last year I decided to try Creative Cloud and signed up for it, downloaded the programs, etc. Last month I realized I couldn't afford it anymore and cancelled my Creative Cloud subscription. I knew I could still use CS6 free of charge... or so I thought.


      A few days ago I tried to open Photoshop and the error message I got was "Go to the Subscription Manager to renew your subscription for Creative Cloud and continue using your product uninterrupted."


      But I didn't think I needed a CC subscription to use my (already bought and paid for) CS6 products?


      Same thing happens when I try to open InDesign and Illustrator CS6.




      Details: I use a MacBook Pro 2012.