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    Transparency and Bookmarks


      I am struggling with exporting a book to PDF.

      The book contains areas of text at 90% opacity in the Difference blend setting, and also has bookmarks linking to the various chapters.

      With all the options I have tried, selecting anything other than compatibility with Acrobat 4 makes those areas of text transparent and unreadable when viewing the document in anything other than Acrobat (for example, opening the document with Google Chrome, or Mac's Preview). However, using compatibility with Acrobat 4 means the bookmarks do not export. 

      I have tried many different export options, but in broad strokes, it seems like I can either have those areas of text display correctly (using compatibility with Acrobat 4), or have the bookmarks export (using compatibility with 5 and above). Obviously, I would like both. Is there a way I can do this?


      If anyone can help with this, I would be very grateful; I am on the verge of keyboard-snapping frustration!