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    Presets panel is covering up History Panel & user presets no longer working


      I have a PC and am using Lightroom 5.  I don't know what happened, but the last time I was using Lightroom, I noticed that my history panel had all of the sudden gone missing.  After some detective work, I found that the history panel was open, but for some reason, my presets panel is now covering up every other panel on the left hand side (history, snapshots & collections).  The history panel used to show up beneath my presets panel, but now my presets panel covers it up over the top (unless my history is really long, then sometimes I can see it poking out underneath my presets panel), and I can only view the history when I close the collapse the presets panel.  I can't find any way to drag it back down below when my presets panel is open or anything and haven't been able to find any solutions online. 


      At the same time that that happened, all of the sudden none of the user presets that I have made are working.  This is a really weird combination of errors to me, but there you have it.  All of my purchased presets seem to be working fine, but the ones that I have custom made (or even ones that I purchased but re-named in order to re-arrange them) are not working anymore.  These are some of the presets that I use most often, so this is an issue for me.


      I have tried closing and reopening Lightroom and re-booting my computer, as well as trying to drag panels, all to no avail.  Does anyone have any idea what might be causing these issues?