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    10 Days Without Review


      I uploaded an original motion graphics video ten days ago:

      ten days ago.jpeg


      It has been sitting in my Review folder since then and still hasn't been approved or rejected. I watched the Adobe Live broadcast from Terry White recently and he said that it is an up-to seven days waiting time. I submitted my tax information and that was approved, and I sent in a photo of my drivers license without hearing anything about whether or not it was accepted. I've uploaded eight other files since then that are just today hitting the seven days mark.


      Does anyone know why so many days would pass without any of the files (9) being looked at, especially this particular one that has been in the Review folder for ten days?


      Thank you.

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          MatHayward Adobe Employee

          Thanks for writing. I checked your account and it does appear some of your submitted content has been waiting for review longer than normal. I've reached out to the moderation team and asked for information as to why this is. My expectation is that the content will be reviewed soon. If I learn of a reason for the delay I will be sure to let you know.


          Thank you for your patience,


          Mat Hayward

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            eshwartz41 Level 1

            Thank you. Much appreciated!

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              eshwartz41 Level 1

              (Reposting this because I accidentally posted from a coworker's account): Did you ever hear back from them? This morning I woke up and all the files were approved. I really appreciate you contacting them since I assume that all my files were lost in limbo before you wrote the moderation team. If they told you of something I can do to make the process smoother next time I'd like to know.


              Thank you!