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    Colour profiles and smart collections - sRGB




      I'm having an issue with colour changes when syncing my smart collections with the lightroom mobile app....


      When I export from Lightroom to the desktop I can select sRGB and it looks as I would expect.  This makes me happy.  But when I sync my smart collection with lightroom mobile the images look washed out - I'm guessing it's since sRGB hasn't been applied.  This is both when I view it on my abobe.myportfolio site or on my phone


      I have my pictures in a smart collection which is then linked to the lightroom mobile app and it is from this I upload directly to my adobe.myportfolio site or to Behance.  I can also download the images to my phone from the app and then upload to instagram.  I've just started using the app and it's pretty convenient to use but is there a way to sync/export to the smart collection/lightroom mobile app that applies the sRGB profile?  Am I missing something?