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    Attaching movie clips to buttons

      I would like to design a portfolio site in which I have small buttons that, when moused over, they display, a pic just above it. Each button triggers a different pic above it.
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          The best way to go about doing is is to use the MovieClip class instead of the button class. Use the onRollover event. For example, have a movie clip that displays the image on the second frame. The use the actionscript: nameOfMovieClip.onRollover = function():Void {

          If you want to use the button class to accomplish the same task, then you will have to create an image that you want to display then under the "over" frame of the button, place the image. If you want the original image to be there and display the new image, then just add a new layer and put the image in the new layer while keeping to original layer.