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    iPad Pro and Lightroom Mobile

    peter_calvin Level 1

      Can I work on raw camera files on an iPad on a wireless external hard drive with Lightroom Mobile? That is, If I download SD cards to a My Passport Wireless Pro, can I use Lightroom Mobile on an iPad to review the raw images on the drive?   I don't need to actually process the files, but when traveling I'd like to review the days take without carrying a laptop.



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          Michael J. Hoffman Adobe Community Professional

          Hi Peter,


          No, you can't do that. LR Mobile can work on photos imported from the iPad camera roll, or from photos synced over the cloud from LR desktop.



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            Hi Peter,


            I bought a My Passport Wireless Pro last week. The main reason I bought it is to use it to backup of all my SD cards when I'm travelling. No body wants to loose pictures from Iceland or Africa...


            On my iPad, I loaded the 3 following apps:  LR Mobile, WD My Cloud and FileBrowser. 


            You need the WD My Cloud app to configure the My Passport Wireless Pro.  With this app, you can not review your RAW files.


            I'm just beginning to use  the My Passport Wireless Pro but here what I've been able to do so far:


                Load RAW files from a SD card to My Passport Wireless Pro

                Preview RAW files with the FileBrowser app on iPad, "full screen"

                Open selected RAW file in LR Mobile (using "Open With" option of FileBrowser)

                Edited the RAW file with LR Mobile

                Sync this picture in LR desktop (iMAC)

                The RAW file has been transferred on the iMac, in LR Desktop Folder & LR Desktop Collection (All that automatically by LR sync)

                From my iPad, with FileBrowser, I can even access all the files on the iMAC (via WIFI)

                From my iPad, with FileBrowser, I can transfer any file from My Passport Wireless Pro to iMac and vis versa


            So iPad / My Passport Wireless Pro / FileBrowser allow you to review your pictures taken in RAW on your iPad and to do a lot more.

            LR Mobile is a plus if you want to edit your pictures when you are on the road and don't want to do it all over again once back home.


            Hope this will help



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              peter_calvin Level 1

              I have seen where the Gnarbox WiFi HD will allow you to access files directly from the drive with Lightroom Mobile using iOS 11, without having to add then to your camera roll.  Is this something unique to the Gnarbox and how it connects to the iPad, or has the new Files set up with iOS 11 made it possible with other wireless HDs??

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                Josh Haftel Level 1

                Gnarbox is taking advantage of the iOS 11 Files app to register their device as a source, like Dropbox or Drive. Other devices can do this (Cascable is another app that allows you to mount your wirelessly connected camera and import images directly). So there's nothing that would prevent WD from doing it...