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    Exporting to Photoshop anomd back To LightRoom

    tunney moriarty Level 2

      First of all I am on an 27 inch iMac all up todate and using Adobe Photoshop LightRoomCC and Photoshop CC 2017. Both are up todate as well as I am on a subscription. I have noticed that when I send a file from LightRoom to Photoshop for editing etc, and then resave the file in Photoshop, it saves it as a “Tif” file. To save it as a photoshop, you have to “Save As” That never used to be like that before as it always saved the file as a Photoshop un;ess you used “Save As”. Is this a glitch in the system or what? I just started noticing this happen after the file was brought back into LightRoom. So in essence if you just save the raw file in Photoshop, it automatically saves it as a “Tif” file and if you want to save it as a Photoshop file, you have to use “Save As” I think things have got reversed here. Anyone else notice this?