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    Camera tracking erratic

    Rastermon12014 Level 1

      I've only done it once before, and it worked. (a sample shot panning across my tv)   Any thoughts on getting this to work better? The very end it seems to track, (never mind the scale problem)

      But the beginning the camera moves it thousand on units off screen. Could the bright sky be causing problems?

      I'd like to match the grid to the wall.

      Bad tracking in After Effects - YouTube

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You are using the wrong tool for that shot. You'll be better off using this technique:

          For effective camera tracking you need a bunch of fixed geometry that has a fair amount of detail on several planes. The basically flat and featureless garage door and floor don't give the camera tracker enough parallax to calculate a lens and camera position. There is an outside chance you could get it to work if you set the tracker to tripod pan and monkeyed with the settings, but you'd probably also have to remove the lens distortion in the shot.

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            Rastermon12014 Level 1

            Thanks, I'll give it a shot. So to speak.