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    PLEASE HELP - FLASH OCX properties, need documentation

      Dear all,

      I am desperately looking for documentaion on the Flash ActiveX control properties
      (Quality, Quality2, AllowScriptAccess, ScaleMode, ProfileAddress and so on).
      I am developing a c++ Windows application which uses Flash in its UI.
      I managed to do the basic stuff (embedding multiple CShockwaveFlash ActiveX controls
      in a Windows dialog, communicating values between the C++ code and ActionScript).

      What baffles me is that I did not find any documentation on the control properties
      - neither using Google, nor navigating Adobe LiveDocs etc.!
      Please can someone provide a link?

      Another topic I am very interested in is performance and syncing between C++ and the Flash control(s).
      In my current prototype, the Flash controls are not even able to correctly display (read: without stuttering)
      a simple second counter which gets its value set by the C++ code!
      Amazing. As I am using a half-decent PC (2Ghz, 1GB RAM), CPU Load and Memory Usage never come close
      to anything above 30%, so I am asking myself what is going on.
      I suspect it has something to do with the Flash VM's garbage collection, caching or stuff like that.
      Any hints on this subject are greatly appreciated.


      P.S. I am a senior C++ developer, so don't spare any juicy details you can provide, I'll understand without lengthy explanations. :)