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    Automatic Point-of-Interest Cropping?


      Is there a way to set an automatic Point-of-Interest lets say on a face when cropping, so I could run a batch script crop on a set of images?

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          Photoshop dos not have such a feature.  Did you try search the web for a Photoshop Auto Cropping Plug-in.   I do no think you will find one.  Adobe Face detection do not detect all faces and often there are more than one face in an image.   Also what criteria would the Plug-in use to select points of interest and select an aspect ratio for the crops. Would the composition of the crops even be pleasing or even the crop you want?

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            Conrad C Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            The technology exists, but I don't know of any Adobe applications that use it yet. There are some non-Adobe companies that are starting to do it, like Smugmug. They say:

            ...since Lightroom is such a popular editing program for SmugMuggers, we can use its facial recognition to find the best point of interest. Even when the point of interest includes multiple focus points or faces, we’re able to build a bounding area around it that includes all of them.

            But they've only gone as far as using this technology for gallery thumbnails. I don't think they're confident enough to apply it to actual photos. It may be a little while longer before face-aware cropping turns up in more mainstream applications.