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    Lightroom importing from a catalogue says files are missing


      I have been working on creating a master lightroom catalogue on my mac desktop by exporting files as catalogues from my macbook to the backup drive(WD) which holds the photographs for both computers.  I have finished exporting and have been importing as a catalogue to my mac desktop with no problem, but now it has starting saying .....


      Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 8.54.08 PM.png


      No matter what boxes are checked or unchecked it will not allow me to import.  Also the files are not missing, they are still in the same folder.  I tried to re-export from my macbook,restart lightroom multiple times,  restart the computer(desktop), and double checked that the pathway is the same as the other catalogues I have already successfully imported to the master catalogue.  I cannot even move on to a new catalogue because every catalogue I try now says the files are missing.  I'm at a loss!!