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    Save a file with Mac os Roman encoding?

    Pontus Hulin Level 1


      Im using a creative suite html plugin and I want to save a text file. If I use the

      window.cep.fs.writeFile the output seems to be limited to UTF-8 or Base64.


      Im trying to save a file with Mac os roman encoding but no data gets written to the file:


      var file = File(exportObject.path);

      var data = exportObject.data;

      file.encoding = 'MACINTOSH';





      If I try

      file.encoding = 'UTF-8'; 'BINARY* also works, but its not the format Im looking for.


      According to the documentation these encoding should work but I can only get UTF-8 to work so far:


      US-ASCII, ASCII,ISO646-US,I SO-646.IRV:1991, ISO-IR-6, ANSI-X3.4-1968,CP367,IBM367,US,ISO646.1991-IRV UCS-2,UCS2, ISO-10646-UCS-2 UCS2LE,UCS-2LE,ISO-10646-UCS-2LE UCS2BE,UCS-2BE,ISO-10646-UCS-2BE UCS-4,UCS4, ISO-10646-UCS-4 UCS4LE,UCS-4LE,ISO-10646-UCS-4LE UCS4BE,UCS-4BE,ISO-10646-UCS-4BE UTF-8,UTF8,UNICODE-1-1-UTF-8,UNICODE-2-0-UTF-8,X-UNICODE-2-0-UTF-8 UTF16,UTF-16,ISO-10646-UTF-16 UTF16LE,UTF-16LE,ISO-10646-UTF-16LE UTF16BE,UTF-16BE,ISO-10646-UTF-16BE CP1252,WINDOWS-1252,MS-ANSI ISO-8859-1,ISO-8859-1,ISO-8859-1:1987,ISO-IR-100,LATIN1 MACINTOSH,X-MAC-ROMAN BINARY