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    Subscription confusion..

    magnus boh18877481



      I don't understand Adobe Stocks Subscriptions...


      A1... 220DKK = 3 Default assets



      A2... 370DKK = 10 Default assets



      A3... 750DKK = 40 Default assets



      A4... 1490DKK = 750 Default assets



      What is a default asset? Is that a image, a HD video, a 4K video?


      So for example if I have subscription A2 I can get 10X 4K videos pr. month?


      Hope you can help!!

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          Beverley Gray Adobe Employee

          Hi there


          The subscription plans are for standard assets - images, 3D assets & templates.


          Videos are not part of a subscription plan and can be purchased separately.


          See Common Questions, Adobe Stock


          What are the different options for purchasing Adobe Stock?


          You can purchase Adobe Stock standard assets (images, 3D assets, and

          templates) through subscription plans. Subscription plans give you the

          flexibility of choosing just three downloadable images per month to up

          to 750 downloadable images per month. Non-standard assets (videos,

          Premium images, and Premium templates) can be purchased on-demand on an

          as-needed basis. You don’t require a subscription to buy non-standard






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