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    Plug-in for Search tool


      Recently i had to install the last version of Adobe Reader Pro DC in order to use the OCR technology for elaborate a pdf-scanned document. After many attempts failed i thought to uninstall the previous version of Reader (9.5.5), hoping this would solved the problem and installed the Pro DC version. It didn't work at all. So i were without any pdf program and i couldn't find the way to reinstall the 9.5.5 version of Adobe. I've done a System Restore to revival the initial conditions and i thought it has worked...untill i tried to search some words in a pdf document and it went "A plug-in used to perform Search is missing. Please reinstall Acrobat".

      What may i have to do? I find neither the download file for Reader's version 9.5.5 nor the one just for the plug-in.

      OS: Windows Vista x32



      Ps i'm sorry for my awful english