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    Import from SD card hang - Windows 10 Creators Update & LR 2015.10


      Hi, I have installed the windows 10 creators update early and have LR updated to 2015.10. Prior to these latest updates, I've had no problem importing images directly from an SD card. Since installing both the above, the import process hangs on the first image. Specifically, LR reads the SD card, shows the photo previews and allows me to click import. Then it hangs, having created a temp folder and copied the first image file to the destination without applying the renaming logic. This behavaior is the same on two seperate machines, one being a clean install.


      I can manually copy the files from the sd card to the local drive on both machines and then point LR at this folder and it imports fine. There are no permissions issues and graphics processing is turned off on both machines.


      Any ideas would be welcome?


      Regards, keef531-uk.