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    Speicherplatz am iPhone




      am iPhone wird leider sehr viel Speicherplatz innerhalb der App gebraucht (5,34 GB am iPhone 6). Leider ist mir das ein Rätsel.

      Gibt es die Möglichkeit den Cache des Programms zu leeren? Die App-Größe an sich ist nur 88,4 MB groß.


      Hat jemand eine Idee?

      Vielen Dank!

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          petergaraway Adobe Employee

          The question in English:

          On the iPhone is unfortunately very much space needed within the app (5.34 GB on the iPhone 6). Unfortunately, this is a mystery to me. Is there the possibility to clear the cache of the program? The app size itself is only 88.4 MB in size.   Does somebody have any idea? Many Thanks!


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          Es gibt keine Einstellungen zum Löschen von Cahce-Dateien.

          Haben Sie versucht, unerwünschte Projekte in Clip zu löschen? Tippen Sie im Projektbrowser auf die 3 Punkte (...) und tippen Sie dann auf Projekt löschen.

          Wenn du das schon gemacht hast und Clip immer noch Raum verbraucht. Ihre beste Wette ist es, die App zu löschen und neu zu installieren. Das wird es für dich lösen.


          Response in English: 




          There are no settings to delete cache files.


          Have you tried deleting unwanted projects within Clip? From the Project Browser, tap the 3 dots (...) and then tap Delete project.


          If you've already done that and Clip is still consuming space. Your best bet is to delete and reinstall the app. That will should resolve it for you.


          Peter Garaway

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            tanjam33297501 Level 1

            Dear Peter,


            I have already deleted all the Files I don't need. I have also deleted the Program and I have installed it again. That was not effective.

            I use this App almost every day for work. Do you have another Idea? Where does this Datasize come from?


            Tanja Mori Monteiro

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              petergaraway Adobe Employee

              Hi Tanja,


              That's very strange that Clip is taking up space after you've deleted the projects and reinstalled the app. It sounds like the media is not being removed correctly. I've not heard of this.


              NOTE: This is not a supported Adobe workflow nor I'm I telling you to do this but there are apps out there like iFunbox | the File and App Management Tool for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch.  that allow you to access and delete contents on your device.


              Shoot me a message if you have any questions.




              Peter Garaway

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                tanjam33297501 Level 1

                So we have really deleted them right. We use the CreativeCloud to store our things.



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                  petergaraway Adobe Employee

                  I'm not sure I understand the question. Please refer to this help doc and see if it helps you. I'd try permanently deleting projects you no longer need.


                  Browse, sync, and manage Adobe Creative Cloud assets


                  Peter Garaway