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    Slideshow export process does not apper to use the RAW image file


      On the Canon 5Dmkiv it's possible to recover 4 to 5 stops of detail out of the shadows when exposing for the highlights. However when you do this you have to have the original files attached (i.e. not be using smart previews) as once you push the shadows more than about 2 stops you get purple artefacts start to form in the darker areas of the image. When the original files are attached this problem does not appear (I'm guessing the difference in bit depth of the smart preview versus the RAW files causes problems).


      For exporting stills this isn't a problem but when I export a slideshow the purple artefacts are still present in the final video file, even though I have deselected the "Use Smart Previews instead of Originals for image editing" in the preferences. It looks like Lightroom does not refer back to the original RAW file but instead builds the slideshow from the preview image file.


      Has anyone else notice this, do you have a workaround?