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    dw/cs3/cs4 installation issue

    joeq Level 1
      i had cs3 on my macbook pro. bought, downloaded, and installed cs4. decided that i didn't want it so i went through the agonizing process of returning it. removed cs4, reinstalled cs3 and all was right with the world. now something came up and i want to reinstall dw (and, for that matter, acrobat). i go through the process and, towards the end of installation, "it" asks me to insert a cs4 disk... which i no longer have because i foolishly lived up to my end of the bargain on adobe's "letter of destruction" document.

      naturally, when i can't insert the cs4 disk, the installer quits with an error. any ideas? will i never be able to reinstall cs3 components because i no longer have the cs4 disk?