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    Add asterisk before certain paragraph styles. GREP solution?

    The Patina Level 1

      Hi all


      I have the reverse (sort of) for a query I raised a few months ago.


      I'm starting to do more and more book interiors and have a requirement to add a scene break (asterisk symbol) before all untabbed paragraphs.


      To explain: basically the author had been using untabbed paragraph styles to 'suggest' in-chapter scene breaks, but that 'scene break' now needs to be more obvious. Hence the need to insert a centred asterisk, with its own paragraph style, before all paragraphs that carry an untabbed paragraph style.


      To illustrate...





      Needs to become this:



      I'm embarrassed to say I'm still grappling with GREP for certain things, so any suggestions appreciated.


      BTW, if it helps, the paragraph style I have available for targeting are:


      Normal-untabbed (for the untabbed paragraph)

      Scene Break (for the asterisk paragraph)


      There may be an easy answer to this but, today, it's escaping my brain.


      Thanks in advance