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    Is it possible for Lightroom to work over a server/network?

    racheldboyd Level 1



      I work in the media department for a nonprofit organization and we have been attempting to make the transition from working in Bridge and Photoshop to Lightroom for our photo processing. All of our photos are stored on a network server, and we had hoped to store the Lightroom Catalogs in which we process our photos on the server also. However, this message appears when we attempt to open a Lightroom Catalog from the server:


      Lightroom cannot open the catalog named "Lightroom Catalog" located on network volume "Media Network".

      Lightroom Catalogs can not be opened on network volumes, removable storage, or read only volumes.


      As a media team with multiple members, it is incredibly inconvenient for multiple editors to not be able to access the original Catalogs. It seems to us that Catalogs work similarly to Premiere projects, and should have no difficulty opening over a server, as Premiere doesn't have that issue. We think it is a rather logical requirement that more than one editor be able to access and work on the same Catalog at different times from different computers.


      Is there a work around for this limitation?