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    More choices and power, please. [Want to subscribe only to Character Animator CC]


      I understand why Adobe switched to the subscription business model. Adobe products are excellent, and as a result became one of the most cracked software packages available. But, I am not a fan of being TOLD which apps I can or cannot subscribe to.


      I would like to subscribe to the Character Animator CC package...ALONE. I have other image editing software to take care of my other graphical needs. However, my only choice seems to be to spend $50 / month to access a bunch of programs I don't need. Yea, I know it's $49.99, officially, but the psychological manipulation techniques of advertising is not the issue here.


      I would like to be able to pick a single app to subscribe to, if possible. I expect to pay $49.99 (really $50, but, hey, what's a penny?) for Adobe After Effects, considering that it is a powerful program. Like I said, I am interested in Character Animator. Any chance I can pay a reasonable monthly subscription price for that app alone?