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    Solve referenceError on some Android Devices.


      Hi! I'm having some trouble with my Cordova App. It throws the error above:

      ReferenceError: serviceLink is not defined.



      The serviceLink variable is a string that contains a url to a webservice but the application says that this variable isn't defined but actually It is. I can tell that because It works on web browsers such as Chrome and Firefox and also works on a whole lot of Android Devices. The serviceLink variable and others are declared in the config.js file amongst other functions. The app works fine on my Android 6 Device and on all android 5 devices I could test. I'm no sure but why but in some random devices this error is displayed. If someone could help me realize what is wrong I'd really appreciate.


      More details about the code here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/43707610/cordova-app-throws-error-in-some-android-devic es