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    Renew Subscription Error and Unhelpful Support


      Over two weeks ago my computer started giving me a "renew your subscription" error when I tried to open Photoshop. I should have a 12 month membership - it was purchased in December 2016 and was only activated in February of this year, so it's nowhere near its expiry. I have the physical copy of the membership card as well as the receipt from purchase. I tried to fix it following advice I found online - logging out and in, updating, trying to redeem code again (it says it's already redeemed)- and nothing has worked. So over a week ago I talked to adobe support. My subscription has apparently disappeared from my account.


      The customer service rep I spoke to (1 of I think 3 now?) had me send him the redemption code and he informed me that yes, it was redeemed to the email I supplied but for some reason is no longer active. He didn't have an explanation for this and said that because of the situation, he would escalate it to the next level and we would hear back from them soon. That was on the 21st of April and I've heard nothing.


      I've since tried to communicate again through my open case on my adobe account, where it says I can expect a response within 24 hours, but that was days ago as well. I'm really desperate to get this fixed - I've had to use someone else's computer to do my work because I need photoshop, but now I can't get anyone to even answer me and I'm hesitant to go through the exact same "we don't know, we'll escalate this to the next level" conversation as I had with the agents I spoke to before.


      Has anyone experienced this issue? I checked the forum but the fixes I've seen so far don't work/apply to my situation.


      Edit: Is there a way I can be escalated to a customer advocate directly to get this resolved?


      note: I'm on Windows 10