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    Noise / grain rejection




      I´m new in this stock world and i've been having problems uploading content, most of my pics rejected because of noise/grain problems.
      After watching some tutorials about getting rid of the noise (workflow between lightroom, Denoise and on1) i could soften the images but still got rejected for the same reason, noise/grain.


      Any help, hint or opinion would be much appreciated!

      Thank you all!

      Here are the first photo without post editing, and the second, after editing and denoising:




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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You need to do a deep dive into your camera's settings. Your camera is applying sharpening to the image that is degrading the edges. See this detail from your untouched shot?


          See how right by the edge of the bird the water is darker and right by that same edge the bird is lighter? Your camera is doing that and it lowers the quality of your image across the board. Turn any sharpening options off and/or to their lowest setting.


          This bad edge gets exacerbated by post-processing.



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            nuatatori Level 1

            Thanks a lot Szalam, quick and accurate!

            I did have a +1 in sharpness by the way, so i turned down to 0 now and i will try again in my next uploads. Hope it works, and thanks again for taking the time to answer so precisely.

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              Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              No problem!
              Good luck!