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    Premiere Elements 11 continues to run after video is finished saving.


      I'm running PRE11 on a 2012 iMac 3.4 with 1.2 T fusion drive, an external SSD and 16mb of RAM. The program is fine and runs blisteringly fast compared to the i5 iMac I just replaced. I use it to edit skydiving videos, each is about 6-7 minutes long with transitions, titles and slow motion added to the raw clips.


      On my i5 iMac, watching the activity monitor while rendering, it uses every bit of processing power to render and save the video and when the video is done rendering and ready to send off, Elements says it's finished, the video is done and the program stops. This whole process takes a little over four minutes.


      However, on my i7 it has a little processing power left over and the video is finished rendering after about two minutes but the task bar in Elements is only showing half done and it continues to run for about another three minutes. I know the video is done and saved because I can see the process has stopped in Activity Monitor and I have actually sent it off to the server and shut down Elements before the task bar shows complete. You can see when the files collapse down into the completed video as well.


      There is one small difference between the two computers as far as the software is concerned. On the i5 I bought the disc years ago and on the i7 it's a fresh download from Adobe using the serial number for the disc.


      It's not a huge issue, since I have figured out the work around already but I'm going crazy trying to figure out what's going on here.


      Anybody familiar with this?