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    color settings across adobe products has gotten messed up


      I noticed this the other day when viewing a pdf file in acrobat. The colors had shifted, see attached pictures. I tried fixing the problem in acrobat and couldn't figure it out so I uninstalled acrobat. Now I am viewing pdf's in chrome and everything looks fine.

      Yesterday I ran in to the same problem in Photoshop. Any image I open in photoshop, the colors are shifted. It even looks correct in photoshops preview window, but when I open the file, the colors shift.

      I had adobe support connect to my computer. They spent 30+ minutes trying to figure it out and did not really seem like they could figure it out either. So everything is still messed up. I even checked it in bridge and Lightroom and all the colors shifted.

      I have uninstalled everything and ran creative cloud cleaner and reinstalled and I am still getting the same results. It is only happening in Adobe products.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      Photoshop CC 2017

      Windows 10


      The top image is in the Photoshop preview area and the second image is when opened in Photoshop. The last image is the pdf, the red should be similar to the first image.