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    Alpha rendering problem

    Cherax79 Level 1
      Im quite new in Director and 3D engine.
      I have the problem with texture alpha while runtime
      In Director It looks like this
      and thats like it should look This is in Photoshop without and with bkg layer

      What should I do to remove white edges effect of this texture in Director 3d world renderer?
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          James Newton, ACP Level 3
          Suppose the name of the texture in question is "alpha3", and your 3D world is called "3D world". Here's a line of code that should make the texture appear transparent around the edges:

          member("3D world").texture("alpha3").renderFormat = #rgba8888

          These will also work, but may give less satisfactory results:

          member("3D world").texture("alpha3").renderFormat = #rgba5551
          member("3D world").texture("alpha3").renderFormat = #rgba4444

          Note that the numbers indicate how many bits are used for each channel (Red, Green, Blue, Alpha).
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            mziskandar Level 1
            What I will do..
            1. Separate colored texture
            2. Make alpha texture
            3. Use blendSourceList = #alpha
            You will have more control on the alpha intensity.

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              Level 7

              Your problem comes from the following:

              Your source image has premultiplied alpha channel (I presume
              premultiplied with white) while you shuld use straight alpha channel.

              Anyway - the best way to import transparency to Direcyop is Photocaster
              from MediaLab.