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    Adobe Business Catalyst - down

    roger471 Level 1

      our Adobe Business Catalyst websites are down, and they have been down since Monday morning, more then 2 days and that's day 3.

      any idea of what is going on with Adobe?

      should we be considering a more reliable last form with higher degree of support? Such as mirrored sites etc..




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          The response I had yesterday when one of mine was still down after they claimed the original issue as resolved was:

          The Australian Data Center issue is specific to the sites which are using External DNS and they are pointing to the IP

          If the Ip is changed to instead of, it should resolve the issue.


          I found this did work to get that site back up, as it was indeed using external DNS. Not sure if this will work for you.


          During this period, one of my other sites mysteriously had its primary style.css file truncated to zero bytes - an error during internal migration I would assume.

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            I was just informed by the customer support team that they are currently under a DDOS attack

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              gavina96868488 Level 1

              "What is happening with the AU DC?

              Aishvarya Raj Rastogi (Wed, 5/3/2017, 09:44:55 am)
              Please accept our apology for the inconvenience. We are under large DDOS attack and working against it. This is our top priority and only priority at the moment. Unfortunately, we don't have an ETA at the moment."