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    Image size

    Randy Miller
      The first thing that came to my mind when I saw the demonstration video in Photoshop was this. How will catalyst export images so that they are actually of usable file size? I suppose all of these images will become assets to the Flex code, but which program exports the image as an asset so that it is say 80kb vs. 8mb. Will photoshop do that or will Catalyst do that? I love photoshop but we are also talking about Bit map images in that program. As you know right now. Flash program is the preferred method of creating artwork and skins for Flex 3 due to the component kit. Of course we are talking about a game changer with Catalyst because it looks like we will no longer be constrained by skinning a few sets of button components. This program is something I have been dreaming about now for only 11 years because I am a designer that has had to learn coding and I have come to appreciate that aspect. The only other hang up I have now in the "easy" architecture is Flex communication with databases. We have 3 parts to this puzzle. One is the graphic user interface which Catalyst addresses. Two is the Flex and AS Code and 3 is the code communication with database tables which is still way back in yester-year. The problem in that seems to me to be the freaking asynchronous nature of webserver technology. Where we have to move our minds is how to establish database tables that can be accessed by Flex synchronously, now that would be something. I don't know much about Flash Media Server but doesn't that use synchronous communications which keeps a path constantly open to the server? We are still in the infancy here of making things elegant, integrated and powerful. But on the right track for sure! I am just getting back into this. I used to be old school where the IT Administrator, Webmaster, Graphic Artist and Computer builder was all the same person. Now we are moving back to that metaphor based on technology integration vs. one person really doing all the work. Its good.
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          Randy Miller Level 1
          I wish Adobe was working on a Data Base server that integrated to all of this. It would really make my life sweet then. Data is the assets of an application. Those assets can be a name and address or a swf graphic but it is still an asset that has to be intergrated into the applicaiton and updated on the fly. Why has Adobe relied on old Data base typology using Cold Fusion markup to access this information? I think there is a lot of work that should be done in that area to make everything more seamless. Because that is what we are talking about here. Seamless development. This is where Adobe can keep Open Source competition in check. For example, Cold Fusion is being pulled right out from under Adobe. And that would be fine if Adobe still had the seamless developing environment that Opens Source does not provide. If I were Adobe, I would stop the layoffs and move more rapidly on the noted points to increase market position. Catalyst is right on the money in that regards.
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            pyrografix Level 1
            I've been wondering about the image optimization in Flash Catalyst too! I personally hate the fact that just because people have more bandwidth these days, designers and developers are starting to disregard file size! Flex already has a pretty large base foot print. Add a bunch of bitmaps to it, and the applications you build will be pretty hefty. Ideally the designer would build it in Illustrator or perhaps Fireworks to maintain lightweight vector graphics.


            I want Flash Catalyst to approximate the values of the filters for the use as Flash Filters - rather than just creating a bitmap every time. Most of my time, as an interaction designer, is spent recreating crap in Flash as vector buttons with filters similar to what the designer had applied in Photoshop and Illustrator. Lets take advantage of those nifty filters and blend modes Flash 8 introduced!