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    What happened to Adobe Support???


      What happened to Adobe Support???


      Products like Photoshop Elements and Premier Elements are getting cheaper, but does this mean, support is not available?
      Some years ago I could get phone support for my Elements suite for which I was thankful. Whatever your expertise is, a support agent should know more, or at least, can find out what your problem might be by asking his next level of support.


      These days I had to learn there is no phone support for Photoshop Elements and one is directed to the community for help.
      That I tried, but no one has ever answered my problem which I posted many weeks ago.
      Sadly, there seems to be no Adobe Support agents monitoring the forums and try to help out if no one answers a good explained and documented question or problem.
      So I tried email support. My email was answered within a few hours by an Adobe Support Agent telling me that they only support the latest version (just out a few months).....
      My version is only a few years old and is (now) the second latest version available. Surely one can expect to get email support for such a recent version!
      Apparently not.
      Poor show, Adobe....
      Any one out there having the same problem??

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          Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I don't have any problems with the support on user forums.  IMO, you get better help for most things than you would from phone or online Chat reps whose main role is to sell and service subscription accounts.   How often do they use the software?  Almost never.


          Fellow users & product experts (of which I am considered one) have a long history with various Adobe products.  We not only use it, many of us test it, teach it or write tutorials about it.   Give the product forums another chance.  If you phrase your questions briefly & coherently, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by the speed & quality of answers you receive.


          Is this the question you are having trouble with?

          PSE13 fills up the Windows10 TEMP folder with 64GB files until HDD is full



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            ImJack Level 1

            Yes, that's the one.
            Maybe I'm a little bit old fashion and got used to phone support and forums monitored by support people of the various hard- and software companies.
            Anyway, I sincerely hope I get some answers here about my problem.
            Someone already sent me a reply that my problem reminds him of a Photoshop CC 2017 problem when editing images. As Photoshop CC works with scratch disks, I don't know how well this problem is similar to mine.....