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    Cannot Add Text or Text Frame on Top of Photo


      I've already created numerous pages that contain photos and I've added text frames/text/quotes on top of those photos.


      I'm on the last 2 pages before this particular inDesign magazine template is complete and all of a sudden I'm unable to drag and create a text frame.


      Actually, I can drag a text frame using the text tool, but the minute I let go of it, the 'frame' disappears and there is no 'l' marker left that shows where text would begin.


      I've read everything I can find in the Adobe inDesign forum and I can NOT figure this out.


      I go back to previously designed pages that I've placed photos and quotes on and even pages that i chose not to customize/use in this particular magazine template I'm using and I can drag/create text boxes all day long.


      Any assistance with the above would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.