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    Assertion failed with open a backup of catalog!!!


      Hi. I back up the catalog of lightroom cc 2015.10 with the options marked "test integrity" and "optimize catalog", lightroom does not give me any type of error or mistake and does the copy of the catalog correctly and everything ok (catalog in zip format and decompressed correctly). After loading and work with another previous catalog without problem, later I try to load this last backup made of the catalog in lightroom but i get the famous error "assertion failed" and there is no way to solve it, yes, the problem is in the catalog, i think this because I have checked it other previous catalog backup and do not fail.

      I wonder:

      - what is the use of making a backup of the catalog with the option check integrity activated and all supposedly everything ok but if soon later when open it will not work correctly?

      -"Why did I trust that everything would be all right?" Maybe because lightroom said that the catalog backup had gone ok?

      - I have the work of several months lost?

      -Have I been trying to solve this problem for a long time? Yes, many hours. I have tried all possible solutions that are circulating on the internet of the problem "Assertion failed" and none worked

      -Do I have a big headache with this problem? Yes, more

      -When there is a failure of this type "assertion failed", why can not lightroom specify more than what issue it is?

      -Why security backup of the lighroom catalog is not unreliable?


      -Why is does not exists any catalog file option verification included after the file has been created?


      -Is there a possible solution to this big problem and recover my lost catalog?


      -My system is windows 7 ultimate

      I'm very sorry to say this, but with bugs like this make me think about leaving the software...is really a very good software but things like these can end up with the patience of anyone..I can not be security backups every day, also so that they do not work after


      I apologize but today I am angry, despite everything I love your software


      Thank you in advance for your possibly help.

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          You have Windows-PC ?

          The "Assertion Failed" error is caused by Windows problems.

          The "Libraries" that appear in File Explorer (Music, Pictures, Videos, ) are just links to the physical location of the folders.

          eg. "Music" =  C:\My Documents\Music

          If you have moved the location of your pictures folder (or My Documents)  then the Windows link "Pictures" does not know where the physical folder exists- and the error occurs.


          Read similar explanation in the paragraph - "Additional Information" at this link:

          "Assertion failed" update error in Lightroom | Windows


          I have found that it is best to never use the "Library" links in File Explorer for anything you do in Lightroom.

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            Akash Sharma Adobe Employee

            Hi andresi,


            Sorry, you're having trouble using our Product.

            May I know where your current catalog and its backup are located?

            Are the originals saved on your external drive?




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              andresi12996102 Level 1

              Thank you so much, wobertc and Akash Sharma, for your attempts of help me.


              To wobertc:

              yes, i use windows 7 ultimate, there have been no changes in any unit or folder, all are intern units, but the only thing I have done is erase (After I have done the catalog backup) the content of lightroom folder in c:users/user/pictures/lightroom (in spanish version of my windows 7 ultimate "Mis imágenes/lightroom") for the reason that lightroom completely filled hard drive c: with almost 60 gb of data, Then I detected that deleting the contents of this lightroom folder in c:users/user/pictures/lightroom (or in my case "Mis imágenes/lightroom" folder) is that windows 7 has changed the name of the folder "Mis imágenes" (in spanish) by pictures (in english), but I have also tried to change it to original name by windows registry metod searched in internet with several attempts and has not been fixed.


              But I do not understand this:


              1. Why did another previous catalog version work perfectly? (Should have the same problem)

              2. If i have a catalog backup in another disk unit, physical or not, why this backup depends on the c:users/user/pictures/lightroom folder if this folder maybe, deleted, empty or not useful?


              To Akash Sharma:


              Everything is on internal hard drives, no changes at this, units or folders, was to make the copy of the catalog and soon try to load it, although as I said before I deleted the contents of the lightroom folder in users/user/pictures/lightroom


              By the way the program also hangs when trying to open this catalog


              I will continue trying to fix the problem, We will see if it can be is in the name of the folder c:users/user/pictures/lightroom


              Any other suggestions?


              Thank you very much.


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                andresi12996102 Level 1

                Well, i I already tried to follow this tutorial step by step with perfection with no results, https://helpx.adobe.com/lightroom/kb/lightroom-error-assertion-failed-update.html


                I do not understand what it can be, virtual names of pictures folder in "c:/users/my user name" can cause the problem but between lightroom and windows do not seems to be clear, i have this content in windows registry "%USERPROFILE%\Pictures", Even I have created a folder "pictures" following the tutorial in "c:user/my user name" ("Mis imágenes" folder already existed) restart windows, i try to rename this virtual folder or folder with the name of "Pictures", later with name "Mis imágenes" or too "Imágenes", but all it's useless, same message and program lock again and again, "assertion failed"...I have too tried thousands of other things, among other, uninstall and install the program, for example, but nothing...


                Is it possible that the catalog file is corrupted or damaged? Is there any way to check it?


                I'm desperate and tired....


                Thank you

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                  WobertC Adobe Community Professional

                  It may be time to contact Adobe support and see if they can help.


                  Also, can you post screen-clips of File Explorer expanded folders-  Pictures, Lightroom, and the folder with your image files? These may give us more clues.

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                    andresi12996102 Level 1

                    It is a bug or file corrupt of the catalog backup, now I am certain because I have restored a backup of windows 7 that was a few months ago and neither this catalog works, pictures folders and folders routes was correct and had not been touched and nothing had been erased, other previous catalog backups work fine, so I've come to the conclusion that the catalog file is corrupted.


                    Is likely to contact me directly adobe although I have all my hopes already lost, for the moment, and if a miracle does not happen, my work for months has been lost due to a bug, failure, in the backups of the catalogs, the copy method should have more security but it's not like that. In spite of everything I am very grateful to adobe for his magnificent programs.


                    Thank you very much