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    Trouble with setting master hue and HEX>RGB>


      Hello Everyone, I am an absolute newbie when it comes to After Effects and I could really use some help.

      I have a template I purchased from VideoHive and I am trying to edit it.  I have a particular color I am attempting to use the hex code for it is: #B01E24 The equivalent RGB is: (176, 30, 36).  which when converted to HSL gives me (358°, 71%, 40%), which I understand to be fairly simple.  However, when I go into After Effects to change the color following the instructions provided with the template, I am lost as to how I am supposed to change the color for a few reasons. 

      First, as circled in the screenshot below for hue it give me an input of "0x 0.0°" which I understand the the 358 goes in the second half but what is the 0x for? 

      Second, as also circled, While I was given percentage values for Saturation and Lightness in After Effects, it seems to be using a different scale, rather than a percentage, it appears to want a value between -100 and 100 and as much as I have tried, I cannot figure out what values I need to enter. 

      Lastly if someone could offer an explanation as to why After Effects has to be so convoluted?  especially when it comes to something as simple as picking a color.  Am I the only one who feels like this?  Thanks in advance for anyone able to assist with this issue. 


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      Screenshot 2017-05-02 21.20.44.png

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          There's nothing convoluted. The Hue/ Saturation effect works relative to the source color. It's not a color picker! Hence working based off your instructions with this effect makes no sense and the values make perfekt sense - you can animate everything and cycle through multiple spectrum rotation. I would strongly urge you to read the help and study some basic tutorials.