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    Deleting multiples nodes (of a vector shape) at the same time...

    Under S. Level 1

      (When dealing with shape layers in Photoshop...)


      If I right-click a node (which auto-selects it) and choose the DELETE option in the menu, the node goes away and the shape then bridges the gap by using the next nearest node as a new hop destination.


      But if I select a node and click the DEL button on my keyboard instead, the two nodes on either side of it don't "auto-fill" (for lack of a better term) like they would have if I'd right-clicked / deleted the node instead.


      Clearly, doing it either way produces decidedly different results, with the latter being crippling to my work. Unfortunately, that happens to be the only way to delete several nodes at once.*


      So I guess what I'm asking is, how do I recreate the right-click / delete behavior after selecting dozens of nodes? Currently, I have to delete nodes one at a time to make sure the shape keeps bridging to the nearest node (without creating that unusable space between two nodes that refuse to communicate with one another, which is what happens when I use the DEL key).


      (* Since you have to right-click a node directly to make the delete option appear, and doing so deselects all the other nodes previously lit.)