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    Interactive PDF text / link to fill the eshop shopping cart


      Dear all


      I am looking for possible solutions to make my PDF document as efficient as possible. Therefor I want to make all ordering numbers (nnn.nnn) clickable for the user, so if he/she clicks on an ordering number he/she will be linked to our eshop and the corresponding number will be automatically placed in the right field.


      I know that you can send formula values to a web formula and also that you have certain possibilities with javascript. But I have no approach how to solve this problem.


      Can you maybe help me by explaining:

      • Which possibilities exist in Adobe Acrobat or InDesign to solve this problem?
      • What are the borders or the maximum Adobe PDF/InDesign can send to the website?
      • What is it that Adobe can send (a special type of data / file format)?
      • Do you know an example that can be found in the internet?


      Thanks a lot for your help! I am looking forward to it.