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    The F has just happened over this night?! / Update 2017.1.1 (May 2017)

    paulwieczorek Level 1

      What the hell happened over this night?! I lost all my actions, presets and all my settings after overnight update of Photoshop! This happened first time and what's even worse - I can't find them anywhere! Checked the folder with the Photohop and guess what - it looks like system removed the folder by itself and installed the new one...


      Adobe, what the F did You do?


      I stored presets and actions important to work with three of my biggest clients - now it's gone and it would take ages to recreate them! Moreover, I DID NOT update the Photoshop as I used to do it by clicking "Update" in CC Window in the top bar of OS X...


      Where are my files? And don't even start with "backuping those files" - I never had to do it before.