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    E-Commerce options with Adobe Muse


      Hi, I am new to Adobe Muse and am ready to buy, But have been told on adobe chat line that it doesn't come with E-Commerce and i would have to download it. There were so many to choose from. Would anyone know what the best free widget would be for e-commerce? I also do not want to put pricing in until a much later date. Is there a widget out there like that?

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          Jeffrey_Smith Most Valuable Participant

          Although there might be free e-commerce widgets available, those widgets are just tools to integrate a store created with third party e-commerce solutions into a Muse website project. And, third party e-commerce solutions are not free, at least I have not seen a decent free solution. Adobe offers Business Catalyst as an e-commerce solution that works with Muse, along with many other third party e-commerce solutions to build a store, like Shopify, Ewcid, Sellify.