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    Import feedback

    nickynqns Level 1

      I apologize in advance - this is just a rant.


      But importing with Lightroom is an absolute bear. I can manually copy+paste from Explorer windows faster than the software can even preview let alone import. And then I can 'synchronize' faster than the import process.


      I seriously cannot stand working with Lightroom. But there's no other software out there. And so I put money in your pocket, every month. To be frustrated. I just want to *import* images and movies. Lightroom misses movies 1/2 of the time. Another quarter of the time it moves or relocates the import-to folder, sometimes into a previously used folder, and all the while sometimes not. It's temperamental. Every setting needs to be double- or triple-checked. Export settings change on their own. Plugin settings change on their own.


      It's unbearable.


      Again, sorry. I hate ranting. But seriously, this software is impossible. I have to use it for work but it raises my blood pressure.