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    Noobiest of Nooby Questions [Questions on Lightroom catalog and exporting]

    Ignatious Riley

      I recently switched over to Lightroom (stand alone program) from Apple Photos, and I'm really confused about the Lightroom catalog and exporting.  I have an external hard drive that I keep my LR catalog on, but I started off sloppily exporting my photos for various projects back to my Mac's hard drive.  For instance, I set up an export to Facebook folder and export to Instagram folder, etc.  After a few months into LR, I'm realizing this probably isn't the best way to organize exports...if I need to organize exports at all.  My questions are:


      1. How should I think about the the LR catalog for imports and creating folders for exports?

      2. Do I need to save my exports once I've posted them somewhere since I have the LR catalog?

      3. Isn't creating and keeping an export file system redundant since I have a catalog?