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    Drop cap typography advice: short lines and lines that start with quotation marks

    The Patina Level 1

      Hi all


      I seem to be on a roll questions-wise: 2 in 2 days!


      Ok so...


      I have a new book client that has requested drop cals for the first (untabbed) para that starts each chapter.


      For most paragraphs, I've created an 'untabbed drop cap' paragraph style that does what it says on the tin: applies a one letter, three line drop cap, scaled for descenders.


      The result for this...




      Becomes this:



      The conundrum for me is what to do with:

      a. Single line chapter entries and

      b. Chapter entries that begin with speech / quotation marks.


      For example:




      Becomes this, if I blindly apply the same style:




      ...which don't look great!


      So, my question is part typographic, and part technique / technical.


      Am open to suggestions and guidance :-)