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    Can't stop Lightroom from applying synchronize setting


      Whenever I enter Lightroom, and begin working with images in either a collection or in a folder, after a few minutes, Lightroom starts applying a crop to all the pictures in my current filmstrip.  I can't find where to turn this off! If I go into Develop and select the film strip images, and verify that the switch for the auto sync button is in the off position. I've restored all the presets from the preferences/general tab to their default values, made sure that the Lightroom Mobile synch is paused, and have gone to the sync button in the bottom of the Develop panel as soon as I enter a folder or collection, set all sync attributes to unchecked, but still find that Lightroom goes through my images, applying a synchronized attribute of a crop - always the same size (about 20% of the image) crop, usually in the same location on the image (center).  In Develop, the history shows "synchronize setting" but I do not understand what it is syncing with and how to stop that action.




      I am a newer, beginning Lightroom user. This is driving me to tears!  I would be grateful for any suggestions that might work.