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    Constraint Based Layout

      Reading through the Flex 3 help sizing and positioning components, the article "Using constraints to control component layout" states regarding creating constraint rows and columns using the percent sizing option "...if the total value of percent specifications is greater than 100%, the actual allocated percentages are calculated so that the proportional values for all constratints total 100%. For example, if the percentages for two contstraint objects are specified as 100% and 50%, the values are adjusted to 66.6% and 33.3% (two-thirds for the first value and one-third for the second.)

      Well, I've tried this and Flex sets the first column to 100% of the canvas width, and a horizontal scroll bar appears to enable scroll off the visible region to see the second column. (see attached code.)

      How do I get Flex to automatically and proportionately adjust the column widths to equal 100%?