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    How can I create correct metadata for SEO in pages with variable fixed width breakpoints?

    brushwipe Level 1

      Hi, I am new to SEO but roughly understand the science.  I read in a guide that the search engines hate multiple copies of pages and are always looking for original content only.  So how does this effect pages designed for a variety of devices?  I uploaded a site yesterday but it is nowhere to be found in eleven pages of Google / AVG searches.  I filled in the metadata box trying to identify all the topics a person looking for a Thai massage would wish fo; here's what I entered:

      BestTraditional Thai Massage in Prestwich, Manchester, 215a Bury Old Road.  Lowest prices. Opposite tram stop. Open 7 days. Physical and mental treatments. Massage service by fully trained Thai staff, comfortable rooms, showers, towels. Thai hospitality.


      But then I opened a site that Dani Beaumont mentioned in one of her jam sessions on SEO. https://moz.com/beginners-guide-to-seo and picked up the bit about duplication issues.


      The site is on businesscatalyst at Home

      But is invisible at http://nareethaimassage.com



      Any help, advice much appreciated.   Bill