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    State Not Changing using AS3

    John Hall Level 4
      OK, I'm overlooking something (I've triple-checked spelling). I have the start of an app with a login state. Using a remote call it comes back as OK, this is a good user.

      At that point, I dispatch an event to a simple handler in my top level app:

      public function setState(e:AppEvent):void{
      currentState = e.newState;

      If I have a button with the same click script (currentState = "editQuiz") it all works fine AND the above script Alerts "editQuiz" just fine. It's as if app knows what state it should be in but the screen is not refreshing.

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          John Hall Level 4
          Oh never mind. I'm using the mate framework and found out that if I trace

          Application.application vs

          in the main file, they had different IDs. By changing from an eventHandler to a PropertyInjector, the problem was solved. I know this is not of interest to most but for those using that framework, good to know.