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    auto-incremental numbering in flowing text (variable?)


      Hi there,


      First time I write in a forum since I usually find answers in previous questions but here I'm completely stuck. I'm a professional graphic designer (using the latest CC) and I have to create a form with square which would, hopefully, have auto-incremental numbers (the client needs that, can't go around it). I will create the template so the employees can later create new forms with my paragraph styles, etc. These employees are not used to Indesign (they were using WordPerfect (DOS) which is now obselete) so I must find a way which is the easiest and most automate to avoid mistake.


      The question is: How can I have into a flowing text, numbers that automatically increment?

      I say flowing because I will use tabs and columns, anchor for images etc. to keep everything in one text block: once again so there is no mistake possible when the employe erase one question)


      Begining of the text variable N there is more text in between and here two numbers one after the other variable N(+1), variable N+1(+1) then more text variable N+1+1(+1).

      And this would become:

      Begining of the text 1 there is more text in between and here two numbers one after the other 2, 3 then more text 4.


      Options that won't work (or maybe I miss something there):

      Paragraph style with bullet and numbering: the way to have the incremeting number works but my numbers must be into the text and not at the beginning of each line (there are sometimes number on after the other.

      Datamerge or different text frames with numbering paragraph style: this is probably be the option I will use if I can't find a solution but it asks people to link well all text box and nothing is automate if we add a question. This leads to difficulties for the people who will use the template.



      The best for me would be to have a variable in a charactere style with a code saying "Continue from Previous Number" as for numbering (exept that I can place the variable where I want in the text). Basically, what I want to achieve is what they are doing here: https://www.dokuwiki.org/plugin:autonumbering but for Indesign... Not sure if it has to be a script or plugin or GREP, or else, I don't know much of code unfortunately.


      If you can help on this that would be amazing cause I really can't find any solution.


      I put a capture of one of the current (ugly I know) form so you might understand better the kind of problem I'm facing.


      Many thanks in advance!


      Capture d’écran 2017-05-03 à 12.30.43.png