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    CS6 Bridge issues


      I originally had CS3 and upgraded to CS6. I have been using it every week with no issues. Yesterday I opened Photoshop and when I got to open Bridge it was very slow. Also all my folders didn't appear that usually did. I shut it down and reopened it again, then after about 3 minutes  the folder I had had open last time I used it finally appeared. But when I tried to use any button or dropdowns basically nothing happened, the buttons didn't work.

      After repeated efforts the whole screen went sort of light grey, and at the same time I got a message saying not responding.

      I did the usual cache purge that usually fixes errors, but that didn't help.

      Not to jump the gun, but If I have to do a reinstall, how do I go about doing it, since I'm going at this from an upgrade standpoint? Do I have to reinstall CS3 again, then do the CS6 upgrade? Do I lose everything in the process as far as all my plugins?


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