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    Please step it up with XD!

    koen van niekerk Level 1

      Though I like your "lean & mean, from the bottom up, all new" approach to XD, you guys are obviously not moving fast enough!


      Adobe was already late to the party, but when XD first emerged as a Beta (a year ago?) I was delighted: Adobe finally realized that they were being eaten alive by Sketch and all the integrations they provide. But even now, XD just lacks too much features to be a real contender.


      When can I expect:

      - Micro/custom interactions and custom transitions (a la Principle)

      - Scripting?

      - Annotation/review mode?

      - Specification mode?


      Please give me and my team a reason to not move to Sketch, Principle, Invision,




      Koen van Niekerk

      UX Director, VanBerlo

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          geshons Level 1

          Better to have really basic design tools as fast as possible. Then I can design as fast as in InDesign and then its really possible to start!


          1. more text tools (uppercase (!!), underline, paragraph distance, padding etc.)

          2. dotted lines

          3. image-frames like in InDesign to crop/mask and remask easily. I don't want to draw a rectangle to do a mask. A mask has to be there automatically if I import an image!

          4. images as PSD (linked like in InDesign to make changes)

          5. button-feature (the border/frame of a text button change its size depends on text)

          6. paragraph and text-styles!

          7. Give text-frames a background color, border color, padding, shadow (just one element! not an additional rectangle below the text!)

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            Preran Adobe Employee

            Use this link Adobe XD: Feature Requests: Hot (880 ideas) – Adobe XD Feedback : Feature Requests & Bugs  to place your feature requests with the product team. Requests that get enough traction will help the team prioritize features for future development.