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    Image folders moved to new hard drive ?

    Richard4911 Level 1

      I had a HDD failure and had to replace the drive.


      Luckily I had backed up everything to an on-line server so I was able to retrieve everything.


      The drive with my images files (and Lightroom files) on has now changed from E: to D:


      When re-installing Lightroom it was an easy matter to tell Lightroom where my Master Catalogue was located so no problem there.


      My problem is telling Lightroom where all my images files are now located, I was hoping I could have told it to just change it's record of E: to D: but I can't find out how to do that.


      Instead I opened the Lightroom catalogue and have been asking Lightroom to locate the missing files by clicking on the ! icon but doing this one folder at a time is very laborious and doesn't re-instate my original folder structure.


      My catalogue structure is Year with sub folders for Months and then sub folders for Days.


      Is there a quick way to tell Lightroom to re-instate my original file structure, or if not to add my Year folders back into Lightroom as all I can see now is Month folders?


      I hope that made sense?